One day I will settle on some faces and body shapes for the MH charachters. Till then, I am aware they are quite inconsitant.

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Please vote for Finnegan “Rider” Wake.

Disabled characters need representation.

I’m in a wheelchair myself, and seeing that Rider even existed as a character was so wonderful to me. And then my next thought was how badly I wanted him to be made into a doll, but immediately my brain quashed that optimism with an “oh, they’d never make a disabled character.” Then (even if it may have been unintentional for her to be perceived as one since she’s so patently a living stereotype) Vandala Doubloon was spoiled, and I thought to myself, “Well if they’ll make a prosthetic character, why can’t they make a wheelchair-bound character?” And I got even more down about it. Disabled people are so invisible in media, and I didn’t think things would change anytime soon.

But now he’s up for vote for release in 2015, and yet I’m seeing people ranting about how badly Quill and Gory need to win.

If you will remember back in 2010 when they put things up for vote the first time, it was Headless Headmistress, Wydona, and Scarah. ALL OF THEM got made. Two were SDCC exclusives, sure, but only initially—they’ve both also seen more widespread release since that. Just because Quill and Gory don’t win, doesn’t mean they won’t be made.

Gory needs to be made, and Quill is cute enough to be a great doll. I do agree both dolls need to be made. I’m in full support of making all backgrounders, especially the Vampire Academy and Werewolf Academy characters.

But Rider is a disabled character. With a wheelchair.

Gory would have the same cast as the CAM Vampire. We have three vampire girls already (Draculaura, Elissabat, and the CAM Vampire). And we have multiple “little sister” dolls now (Howleen, Twyla, and the grim reaper girl from Haunted), as well as several girl dolls with wings. We do not have a disabled character yet!! This is so important!

This tag always prides itself for its vocal adherence to supporting the representation of ethnicity, sexuality, body positivity, etc. This is the first time Mattel has really stepped up to the plate to let us prove we can put our money where our mouths are. They let us down once before, after promising us Grimmily-Anne. Make it known the MH fanbase wants Mattel to make it possible to celebrate ALL freaky flaws, that we’re ALL perfectly imperfect.

Don’t let Rider down, Tumblr MH fandom.

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Please vote for Finnegan “Rider” Wake.

Disabled characters need representation.

I’m in a wheelchair myself, and seeing that Rider even existed as a character was so wonderful to me. And then my next thought was how badly I wanted him to be made into a doll, but…


2014 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Manny Taur & Iris Clops

Released July 2014

Manny & Iris were sold exclusively at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

Interesting notes:

  • Manny & Iris were apart of the shareholder presentation that revealed many future dolls to the public (likely unintentionally).
  • Manny & Iris were available on Matty Collector as apart of their usual presale, as well as briefly on their post-sale.

Photo Credit: Mattel & Parrotbeak


Manny & Irish

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Cross Brand Clothing Guide!


Found this information over at:

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* Liv clothing fits Type 4 , but it’s a wee bit loose.
* Barbie clothes fit Type 1 and 2. But they are very loose on Type 4 bodies, but fit with lots of…



Adobe Illustrator CS2


Coffin Bean Venus-Her hair and maker up is gorgeous in person!

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