I’ve been thinking I should get better at posting my creations here, soooo here’s the finished pleather jacket I made for my GR clawdeen ‘Vega’. 

I wanted the jacket to look like a guy’s old school biker jacket, so she’d look more bad-ass and her butt wouldn’t get cold. the boys can wear it too but the sleeves are too short for them. I intended the jacket to have passants but I forgot and now I doubt there’s enough room for a pair anyway. I found the belt buckle in my sewing box, I believe it’s originally from a watch.

I’ve thought about adding some tiny studs to the back, but I’m not sure.

This post is posted on Sunday 28 April 2013.
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    Indeed! XD
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    I’ve posted this before- its just, so bad ass…
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    I hate Clawdeen Ghouls rule,but she is realy beautifulin this photo.She look amazing and fresh;)
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    Ghouls Rule Clawdeen is such a bad bitch. I need a loose one so I can marvel in her beauty. and get her a leather...
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  13. creepykuroneko answered: she looks great! I think the jacket is perfect as is
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